Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I drive the car myself?

A. Of course you can. We can supply drivers for special events, weddings etc. but first and foremost we want you to be the driver because that’s where we feel the most fun can be had.

Q. How many people can drive a car?

A. There are two seats so 2 people, but I expect what you mean is how much extra is it for both people in the car to be able to drive?  In the case of the 1/2 day hire 1 driver is included and an additional driver is £30. For hires of 1 day or more there is no charge for a second driver.

Q. What is a pre-authorisation?

A. The easiest way to explain this is by saying that it’s like when you check into a hotel they ask for your credit card. This is a pre-authorisation and in hotel terms it means you agree to pay the bill and if you leave without checking out they will activate the pre-authorisation to the value of your stay. For us it means you agree that in the event of an accident that you are responsible for, that you would pay up to the insurance excess of any claim. The current excess is £1000.

If we are driving the car at your event, wedding etc. then there is no requirement for a pre-authorisation.

Q. What if the weather looks bad for the day of my hire?

A. Our cars are supplied with with full wet weather gear so in the event of changeable conditions during your hire we’ve got you covered, literally. That said we want you to enjoy the day to the full so if on the run up to your hire the weather looks less than favourable you can choose another day, subject to availability, at no extra cost.

Q. Do I have to follow one of the routes on the website?

A. Absolutely not. You can go wherever you like. The routes are supplied as “serving suggestions”, to save you, if you wish, from having to work out an itinerary. In fact if you have alternative routes we’d be delighted to hear about them.

Q. I would like someone to chauffeur me. Can you accommodate that?

A. Yes we can. Whether you just want someone to take you round some of our beautiful routes or have a special event in mind we can supply driver(s).

Q. I would like to do something with your car(s) that isn’t covered on the website. Can you help?

A. More than likely. Just ask. Email or phone and we will have a look at it and work out a price.

Q. I have a Swiss/German/French other EU driving licence. Can I drive your cars?

A. Yes you can, as long as you can declare on the hire form that you comply with the terms and conditions you are absolutely fine.